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The Challenges of ALT Training

When I'm not teaching or working on this blog, I help run the blog section of ALT Training Online. Here's my post from March 2018. Enjoy!

Imagine, if you will, the perfect ALT training environment.
Multiple ALTs can regularly meet in a common workspace to share ideas and materials. Classrooms equipped with state of the art teaching equipment are readily available. JTEs (Japanese teachers of English) and students come to those classrooms eager to try out new teaching and learning methods. Teaching consultants and coaches watch these lessons and offer feedback based on their years of experience.

This perfect environment does exist, somewhere, in the Twilight Zone.
It would be nice, wouldn't it? As ALTs, we often are provided with minimal training. At the same time, we are also expected to produce some fantastic results. In this post, I'll outline:
1. The challenges we have in our training.
2. What you can do to overcome them.
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